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This site is primarily a travel journal, and articles will appear on the front page. So if you want to follow what I’m up to, just check up on it once in a while.

However, if you would like something else, please search from the following categories.

Everything is either a “LOCATION” or a “TRIP
Boating and Fishing is under “TIDES – On The Water” and camping and day trips are under “TRAILS – Camping & Outdoors
“The Best!” is what I’ve tagged the best trips and locations. Most other categories should be self explanatory.

Example: If you are in the Northern Territory and want some advice about where to camp, you would select “LOCATION” “TRAIL – Camping & Outdoors” “Northern Territory” “Campsites”
Example 2: You want to read about my camping and outdoor stories you would select “TRIP” “TRAIL – Camping & Outdoors”
Example 3: You want to read only the best fishing stories that I have, “TRIP” “TIDES – On The Water” “The Best!”

I am slowly adding more stories and locations from the past few years, so keep in mind that more content is being added each week.

Alternatively you can always search the search function on the right hand side.

Any worries just send me an email!



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