Darwin Harbour Fishing Round 2

Dry season appeared to come early, and I was concerned about the wind. But my quest to get Maggie into fishing is on track, we got really lucky with the weather, it was total glass out there. Tough going fishing wise… I got 1 30-35cm goldie and 1 stripy. Maggie got a 35-40cm cod, and a 20-25cm Goldie. No one else got anything. However my live bait got chomped and spat (no where near the hook) when I wound it up the estimated 70cm-80cm Cobia was following it…. gah!

Fishing with Maggie – Back in Darwin!

Claire and myself finally managed to move back to Darwin, so hopefully this blog can come alive once again. Today I took Maggie off for her first fishing adventure via Darwin Harbour Fishing Charters.

We went and it was a fairly quiet day at first. Maggie caught her first fish (I believe a grunter) and things came alive at the tide, the boat caught a couple of jewfish and some golden snapper. I hooked a couple of good sharks (probably sharks) but they busted me off.

The good news was that Maggie absolutely loved the trip and is looking forward to the next time we can go.

Maggie very happy on the water

Phillip Island one last time

We went with the Lewis’s to Phillip Island for Maggie’s birthday (usually we end up going for Islas but the dates didnt work). We had to get a new house, great but a lot more expensive. We had the best weather that we have had, and the girls got to go to the penguins on Saturday evening.

Otherwise it was a lovely time – always too short!

A lovely swim in our favourite walk

Christmas Break in Gippsland

Once again we went down to Gippsland for a few weeks over Christmas. The weather was not as hot as we had hoped, but we did get a few 30+ degree days which we used to explore. Eddie struggled with being able to play as generally the places we went had rocky grounds around and he couldn’t walk. He liked the beach, though not as much as Maggie did.

Highlights of the outdoors trips was watching Eddie play with waves for the first time (he was a bit uncertain), Maggie try to bodyboard, Eddie have some chicken nuggets with his fish and chips (which went down very well) and mostly, for me, it was freestone creek as below.

Freestone Creek