Vernon Fishing Fun

Went out exploring today. Lots of small fish and a few “alright”ones.

Mike got a great Queenie in and two big trevelly nearly in but sharks took them. We found a stream full of life but there were sharks everywhere. Did some shore fishing too – always fun.

Got 10 coral trout on lures all quite small. Probably 30-50 bluebones all small

My best was working for 30 mins to get what we thought was a metre trevelly in… only to find a shark!

Two sad stories of the day was hooking up a decent trevelly and having the hook pull free from my new expensive lure. The other was me filliting the Queenie for dinner… dropped it in the water to give it a quick clean and the fish grippers somehow came out from its jaw! Dropped it right under so no dinner for me.

Fishing Adelaide

Mike and I went out fishing in the Adelaide river, launching from saltwater arm. It was extremely windy so we couldn’t repeat the last trip. I sight cast a approx 40cm barra who took it with no hook. Another cast had the barra grab the lure as soon as it landed on the water but no hook up as my bail arm wasn’t even over.

We bait fished for some jewies and got 14 catfish. As we went home we flicked a few interesting things and I got a barracuda. A very quiet day!

Litchfield with Maggie

Maggie was soon off to Belfast with Claire, so the two of us decided to head to Litchfield togther. It was a public holiday because of the Queen’s Funeral. She handled the lenght of the drive and the bushwalk really well. Overall a great deal of fun. If we go with Ed we might need to stick to Wangi for a while.

Berry Springs with the kids

Ed’s naps have prevented us from being able to travel to Kakadu and Litchfield, but Berry springs is only 40 minutes away. So we decided to head down early one morning. Claire and I were unsure just how much he would get out of it, but we knew Maggie would love it.

Well, it turned out Ed had a great time! He couldn’t do much but hang onto his Mum in the shallower part, but still thought it was a blast. And Maggie absolutely loved it. It was hard describing it to her, she seemed to think she was going into a big pool that looked like a lake. But when she got there she saw the fish and we swap downstream to the bigger pools she said in her geniune voice “this place is amazing Dad!”.