Easter 2024

Maggie and I went down to Paradise Valley for easter. Quite an expensive flight! But anyway – it was a lot of fun. The weather was absolutely ideal. Hot in the day, cool at night (Wed/Thurs night were freezing) and zero wind. Even rained on the Tuesday we left!

Maggie had loads of fun and was full of stories when we got back. Apparently equal best was kayaking, Kay’s pesto and the dunny run. She spend nearly every day in the water playing. We made the older kids do the big walk. Maggie did not like it – and had trouble watching where she was going. Ended up with quite a few scratches from the blackberry bushes.

Litchfield in the Wet

Maggie and I took Jesse, Anna and Izzy down to Litchfield for the day. They were going to arrive a bit later so Maggie and I hiked to the top Green ant falls. It was about 30 minutes, though straight up. The swimming hole is absolutely lovely and Maggie quite liked the walk once we got there.

Afterwards we met at Wangi then onto Tollmer, both to see the big waterfalls in the wet season.

After that we all went to Upper Cascades. Apparently 2.3km we think it was closer to 3km. Speargrass was everywhere, was a decent walk but perhaps a bit too long for the kids. It was a reasonable spot to swim, but the current was so strong! You had to really pick your spot.

So overall a really nice trip. We got home around 6.30pm, Maggie was exhausted!

Maggie Having Fun at the Farm

We had a friend (Jesse) come up to Melbourne, he was keen on a quick fishing trip so I took him and Maggie down to the farm. I did elect to spectate (supervise Maggie) but they both had a lot of fun. Maggie can easily cast and catch her own Barra at 40-50cm. However the big girls were biting and Maggie got one for 70cm and one for 76cm! That said, she did need my help with a hand on the rod, she could hold it for a bit but just didn’t have the strength to last the fight.