Douglas Hot Springs

Is a campsite that has water (that you need to boil) toilets and showers. It also has hot thermal springs which are (in parts) hot enough to burn you. Pay attention to the signs and it is a great place to visit. The spring itself is about waist deep at the deepest, and knee deep throughout most. You can light fires anywhere, and firewood isn’t too hard to find, but generally best to gather some on the way in.

Greenant Creek – Litchfield

Greenant creek is location in litchfield, a 1.6km walk will take you to a nice waterfall and a viewing platform.  You can’t get into the water there or anywhere downstream from it, as it is a sacred site for the traditional owners, however, you can swim* at a really nice rockpool right above it. I have been told it is best in wet season, these pictures are from February 2015, and it was a Saturday and we had the rockpool all to ourselves.

* it isn’t a zoned swimming site but the rangers “are aware people swim there and we don’t mind. Be careful of flash flooding as you are right above a waterfall”