Rivers Fiji Kayak Trip

This site is generally a site for all of my Australian adventures, but how can I resist writing about one of the best things I have ever done?

Claire and I went to Fiji in August of 2011 and it was fun, as most overseas trips are. The highlight was definitely the Kayak trip we took. They take you into a village, participate in the kava ceremony, it is fun. Then the kayaking down the rapids begins.

The difficulty was perfect, everyone stacked once or twice, very challenging but nothing dangerous. The scenery was amazing, we passed waterfall after waterfall, huge tropical forests on large hills, passing some villages where they lived with a blend of modernity yet still sustenance farming to a reasonable degree.

After the kayaking was done we took a motorized boat the rest of the way, it started pouring rain, but it was a warm rain, and I was loving every minute of it.


Claire in action

Me easily dealing with things

Waterfall we stopped at

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