Fishing Adelaide

Mike and I went out fishing in the Adelaide river, launching from saltwater arm. It was extremely windy so we couldn’t repeat the last trip. I sight cast a approx 40cm barra who took it with no hook. Another cast had the barra grab the lure as soon as it landed on the water but no hook up as my bail arm wasn’t even over.

We bait fished for some jewies and got 14 catfish. As we went home we flicked a few interesting things and I got a barracuda. A very quiet day!

Litchfield with Maggie

Maggie was soon off to Belfast with Claire, so the two of us decided to head to Litchfield togther. It was a public holiday because of the Queen’s Funeral. She handled the lenght of the drive and the bushwalk really well. Overall a great deal of fun. If we go with Ed we might need to stick to Wangi for a while.

Barra again!

My old mate Mikey had a boat and offered to take me out on it. We hadn’t seen each other for 6 years so it was great to catch up. It felt restorative on the water, it had been so long. Dry seasons with not a lot of wind are amazing – not ideal for catching Barra. Still, I was quite pleased to pull out a 49cm chromie. Very happy. No more Barra, though Mike caught a sizeable catfish on some bait. Overall just great to get back out there.

Me – 49cm Barra
Mike – Large catfish


Christmas Break in Gippsland

Once again we went down to Gippsland for a few weeks over Christmas. The weather was not as hot as we had hoped, but we did get a few 30+ degree days which we used to explore. Eddie struggled with being able to play as generally the places we went had rocky grounds around and he couldn’t walk. He liked the beach, though not as much as Maggie did.

Highlights of the outdoors trips was watching Eddie play with waves for the first time (he was a bit uncertain), Maggie try to bodyboard, Eddie have some chicken nuggets with his fish and chips (which went down very well) and mostly, for me, it was freestone creek as below.

Freestone Creek