On the Edge to Whitehaven

On the Friday it was decided we would take a trip on the catamaran “On the Edge” to Whitehaven beach. We had sent out this in the letters we wrote to everyone as part of the wedding invite, so we made up nearly half of the crew. It was an amazing trip. You don’t need a lot to make a great day of Whitehaven, it looks like every single photo of every beach after it has been photoshopped. I don’t even know how to use photoshop, so these photos are just on my small Canon camera.

Before we got there we had a snorkel around Chalkies beach. Pretty good, although I was off to the outer reef tomorrow.

Then we headed over to Whitehaven. I guess not a lot to write about apart from it was really fun, water was amazing, wind was down, everything was great.

Story of the trip is that another crew had found a large turtle on the beach. A shark had eaten its fin off, it was breathing badly. They tried to keep it cool until it decided it wanted to leave. It swam off leaving a trail of blood behind it. Hopefully he made it.

Camira sailing trip – one year anniversary

We decided to do a trip for our one year anniversary, sudden low lying clouds came over at the last minute which ruined part of the morning. Snorkelling is always better when it is clear.

The story of the trip was my confession to Claire that I wasn’t going to drink as I tended to get seasick in any sort of chop. She thought this was hilarious and proceeded to jump up and down next to me on the nets. Pretty soon, Claire was very seasick and I was trying hard not to laugh.

Not trying that hard though.


Snorkeling fun

Whitehaven Beach

Just another day in the whitsundays